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Civil Law
Civil Law   |  Commercial Law  |  Administrative Law 

Our office gives legal services for its clients in all civil fields.

In the torts law, we engage in lawsuits for damages and compensations for road accident's casualties, work accidents, medical malpractice, insurance cases and military injuries. In addition, we give counsel and representation regards libel and slander suits (including press and internet).

Our firm offers services concerning all aspects of labor law, including drafting employment agreements and termination of employment relations, issues related to rights and obligations of employees and employers, about existence or absence of labor relations, as well as representation at the labor courts.

The firm deals on a regular basis with preparation and processing transactions of residential and commercial real estate so as for trade purposes. We formulate and structure sale, rent and combination contracts, we negotiate, advise and represent clients in building agreements, settle tax matters and register the real estate in the land registrar.


 About   |  Press Releases  |  Contact Info